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Out with the Old..

Bring it on 2011! I am determined to make this a better year. Not that this hasn't been a good year .. well, it's been an OKAY year, but I want this year to be epic! I have big plans for 2011. Yessireebob! On the 31st I will be flying for the first time (to Florida to spend New Years with my friends Toni and Brittany!) which I am counting as 2011 epic moment #1. Hopefully it won't be the only one on my list. I always make a resolution for the New Year. Last year I decided not to drink any soda, and I actually did it! That's right folks, no pop for Kellie for 365 days. I think this might be the first time that I actually did stick it out. This year I have a few New Year resolutions. 1. Drinking ONLY water. This should be more difficult since my no pop kick did not include sweet tea, juice, etc. 2. Running several 5Ks. My goal is to run the first in under 30 minutes. After that I want to drop a minute each race. I think that is very reasonable and it will keep it f

Shingles All the Way

Yes, that's correct. Thanks to Helen, I now have shingles .... during Christmas. HOW WONDERFUL. Thankfully we knew what it was and caught it much earlier than hers, so the medicine should knock it out in about a week. Shingles lies in your system after you have chickenpox and can be brought out by stress, which has become sort of normal for be by now; however last week was 2x as stressful with finals and now waiting for grades to be posted. Oh well, as one of Helen's christmas sweatshirts says, "Tis the Season to be Stressed." haha. I kept telling Helen that no Christmas present in the world can make up for this, but I guess she can't help it. :/ On a brighter note, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was a success, for the most part. This is a pic of me with my friends, Brittany and Hilary in our sweaters! :) Merry Christmas!

Who Wears Christmas Sweaters? People Who Don't Like to be Cold.

There are so many wonderful, exciting things about Christmas time. The warmth of the fireplace, being with family and friends, the snow, the hot cocoa, the Christmas sweaters, the....Wait. Did I say Christmas sweaters? Yes, I said Christmas sweaters! Why? Because they can be worn to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties! Each year I tear through the corners of stores like Gabes and Goodwill in search of the tackiest, ugliest Christmas sweater ever worn by mankind. After I find that sweater, I go to the dollar store and find more tacky things to glue to it, making it even worse. We all dawn our gay apparel, which gets funnier as the night progresses. Our party is this Saturday. Finals will be over, everyone will be home for break, and i think we deserve to celebrate! SOOOO EXCITED! Sometimes if I don't have time to shop for a sweater, I will just borrow one from Helen. Those that know her also know that she enjoys a good holiday sweater. Well, Zac and I were walking through the

21? Already?

Whoa, it's been awhile. I always forget about blogs and stuff. As we all know, October is full of birthdays. Mine happens to be one of them. If you follow me on twitter, or are friends with me on facebook you definitely know this. I do consider myself a little special, especially this year. My 21st birthday happens to be 10-10-10 this year. If that's not a good omen, then I don't know what is! The only bad part is that is falls on a Sunday, so I can't get my new license. :( Saturday night is my birthday party, which is Sex and the City themed. I know, you're all shocked! haha. I cannot wait!! I have the most incredible group of friends ever. There is no doubt in my mind. Part of me is ecstatic to turn 21, i mean duh. But the other part of me can't find where all the time went. Life is not at all what i thought it would be just 3 years ago. When I was 18, i couldn't wait to move out, go far, far, far away to college, and just start a fabulous new l

Thank you for being a friend...

In honor of Rue McClanahan's sad, sad, sad death today, I have decided to write about friendship. When we think of Rue, we think of Blanche, then Golden Girls, and then that little diddy pops into our heads. Thinking about the legacy of friendship that Estelle, Bea, and Rue (well and Betty, but NOT YET!) left behind makes me want to thank my friends too! It's amazing how many friends we go through in a lifetime. As we grow, we gain and lose friends, and although some you are sad to lose, there are those you are ecstatic to lose. I've learned a thing or two about friendship the hard way. I've been absolutely socially slaughtered by a "best friend" and I've also known the joy of a truly loyal best friend. My senior year of high school, after being slaughtered, I had a friend there to help me clean up the mess. I am eternally grateful to her because during that year I finally discovered what a real friendship was. It wasn't saying something nice

Sex and the City 2

Last night was the midnight showing of SATC 2, (aka the most fabulous day of the year). This morning i was just looking through some news sites and I stumbled upon this article. FEEDNAME = Well Mr. Smith, I have about 15 million problems with this review. Can I please just say, UGH MEN! I don't know how much longer they can last on earth since their IQs just continue to plummet. They just don't get it. AT ALL. It's not that Mr. Big wants to watch TV, it's that he knew there was an event, saw his wife all dressed up, and THEN sat on the couch and watched TV. Heaven forbid a man sacrifice a night of TV to please his wife. Carrie is high maintenance, but Big knew that from the start, and he loves that about her. And while we're at it, Carries gingham top outfit was cute. Charlotte, bless her heart, is going absolutely crazy with her kids, and although I do