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Our Birth Story

I have several blog posts I’ve started and plan to share in the upcoming weeks about pregnancy and new mom life, but I think the topic I am asked about most often is my birth story. I know women absolutely love to share this because I think I heard about 5 bajillion of them while I was pregnant! Not that I minded. It was sort of like research! I won’t lie, I’m pretty modest and a little uncomfortable with sharing the intimate details, so I won't.  I also refuse to invite criticism and judgement from people who would’ve done things differently. You do you, boo.    SO, albeit a little out of my comfort zone, nonetheless, here’s how it went down. We knew from about half way through my pregnancy that Logan was going to be a big boy. He started measuring a couple weeks ahead of schedule in his ultrasounds around 30 weeks, but we also knew that those measurements can be off by a pound or more, so we weren’t too concerned about it. At 36 weeks they were estimating he weighed almost 9

A Peek Inside Logan's Nursery

Posting this a little late because, ya know, I've been busy! So pretend this is last week so that I don't have to rewrite it, K!? Can you believe this is (probably) my last blog before Logan arrives!?  The next time you hear from me (on here) I will technically be a "mom blogger!" But not really because I will still write about all the other random life things! It was a really quick 38 weeks!  I was so busy with cheerleading, Matt's treatments, work, IG, etc. that it absolutely flew by.  But then...then these last couple weeks came, and things suddenly came to a screeching halt!  It seemed like as soon as we had the baby shower and the nursery was ready, it was like "Okayyyy, what are you waiting for, dude!?" Speaking of nursery... Disclaimer:  T his is not meant to offend because we all have our styles and tastes when it comes to d├ęcor. That's what makes the world go'round.   When we first found out we were having a baby boy, I