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From The Dog's Point Of View

This time last summer my mama arrived home from a work trip to Wyoming, and while it felt like she was gone forever, it was really just one week! I showed her how much I missed her with my very best zoomies!  I listened as she told dad all about her “motion sickness” and “altitude sickness,” but I could tell something was different about her. I just couldn’t put my paw on it.  The next morning I watched her in the bathroom from the bed with my head rested on my paws. I knew she didn’t feel well, so I had hoped she would come back for more cuddles and pets . After she shut the door, I pawed at it to let her know I was concerned. Also, I was offended that it was shut. I wagged my tail when she emerged to make her feel better.  You know, they say hoomans need rewards and positive reinforcements.  I followed her as she made her way down the hall to the room that housed that dreaded Cricut. Ugh, I hate that thing. So scary.  I watched from a safe distance until she called me over.  I relu