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My Annual New Year Blog Post

I can't believe how many people have told me that they've been waiting for a post! YOU LIKE ME, YOU REALLY LIKE ME! ;) Well, Contrary to what everyone else seems to be feeling about 2016, it was a really great year for me!  Of course some things didn't go my way, and we will get to that, but a lot of awesome things happened in 2016! Our family got an early Christmas gift with the birth of my niece, Summitt Kate Chapman.  Yes, she is named after the great Pat Summitt, Tennessee's girl's basketball coach.  (If you don't know anything about Pat Summitt, Google her and you will understand why Tara loves her so much.)  Summitt was born on 12/21/16 at 5:20p.m. She weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces, and was 19 inches long. She is perfect and beautiful and we love her so much! :)  So many people have been asking me for Helen stories from the hospital, and I am extremely sad to report that there is no report! She was on her best behavior! Disappointing, I know. BUT S


When I joined Younique I really had no intention of actually working the business.  I wanted the kit, the discount, and to maybe help my friends a little bit here and there when I needed product refills.  My competitive nature quickly came into play, and once I started doing parties and building a team it became insanely fun!  I was in the midst of planning our wedding, and started realizing how much I could add to our wedding fund by putting some effort into my Younique business - so I did - and it helped tremendously. The wedding came and went, and July was the month of what I call "wedding/honeymoon hangover."  I was just SO tired y'all.  My plate had been so full for the past year that it just felt amazing to dump it in the floor and walk away for a month.  I did this with both my Younique business and my fitness journey.  If you've ever been into health/fitness, you know how hard it is to get back into the swing of things once you're out of it.  The same g

Nobody Warned Me...

If the name-changing-process alone isn't enough of an incentive to stay married, I don't know what is?  Seriously- we will never get divorced simply because I absolutely refuse to go through all of this again!  Why didn't anyone warn me about this insanity!?  Forget about going to the Social Security office and DMV - that was the easy part.  It's the changing your name on EVERYTHING THAT HAS YOUR NAME ON IT part that sucks.  I understand that working for the Federal Government definitely adds another layer to this whole process that most of you don't have to deal with, but COME ONNNN.  I've filled out more forms than you can shake a stick at, and it feels like I'm only at the tip of the iceberg. Okay, I'm finished complaining. Merging lives legally is way more complicated than the actually being married part.  The #WifeLife has been fantastic!  It's been about 6 weeks and we are STILL working on getting things organized.  After living in my town


Matt and I knew that we wanted to go to an all-inclusive resort for our honeymoon, but we REALLY struggled with picking a location.  We discussed just about every resort south of Florida, but we were starting to get down to the wire on booking something, so I had no choice but to reach out to Facebook.  My friend Lindsay has absolutely raved about her honeymoon at Secrets Maroma Beach ever since she got back about 3 years ago! Not kidding, she talks about it all the time! ;) Lindsay and I have similar tastes, so I really value her opinion on a lot of things.  She gave me the number to her travel agent, and when I called he asked me what Matt and I like to do.  I said "Well, on the honeymoon we really don't want to anything, Just drink and eat." He said "Have you heard of Secrets Maroma Beach?" and I knew we were in good hands! The flight was for 5:00a.m. Sunday morning, and since we planned to party well into the night Saturday, we knew that was not an opti


I don't know where to even begin on this post!  What a CRAZY couple of weeks it has been! I reluctantly returned to work yesterday after being off since the 15th.  Wahhhhh! Although I must say that in a way, I am kind of relieved.  I know this may sound weird, but sometimes I need to go to work to get a break. I digress, back to the topic - Wedding week! Wednesday was "me day" :)  I got my hairrr did, got my nails did, went to Zumba, got a Spray Tan - I was feelin' maself!  Thursday was "décor day," so I took all of the reception décor to the hotel, and spent the evening decorating the church with a lot of help from a lot of people! (Thanks everyone!!) THEN Friday was rehearsal day!  After we sorted everything out for the wedding we were off to Sleepy Hollow for dinner.  Oh, and we arrived in style! Pastor Jeff gave us a ride in his old convertible Bentley.  SO cool!  When we got there a "Priest" was walking around quietly.  Everyone wa