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Patty & Amy: Not so extraordinary, imaginary friends

I grew up in a neighborhood full of kids; unfortunately everyone was at least 5 years older than me, including my sister, Tara.   Our interests were vastly different when it came to everyday playtime and games.   Tara always wanted to play games like baseball or one she invented that involved throwing things at me.   I was more interested in playing “Pretty, Pretty Princess” or makeover, and no one shared this interest with me!   (As I mentioned in “Scrubby Bubbles,” I had quite an imagination, and I wasn’t afraid to use it.) One day when I woke up, I suddenly had a new friend, Amy.   She was the best friend I could’ve asked for.   Amy was there when I needed her, and gone when I didn’t need her.   She did what I wanted to do, played what I wanted to play, and talked when I wanted to talk!   It was great!   I know that most imaginary friends can do extraordinary things, like fly or walk on the ceiling.   My friend was slightly different.   You see, Amy was unfortunately handicapped, an

"Scrubby" Bubbles

     Just to preface this story, from the ages of 2 to 5, I attended Mrs. Cindy's Preschool just across the railroad tracks from my house.  Any of you that know Cindy know that she is incredibly fun and silly, which makes for an excellent preschool teacher.   At this time, my imagination was running wild and she only encouraged it!             One afteroon w hile watching TV, I saw it! The Scrubbing Bubbles commercial! I remember it like it was yesterday!   The “Scrubby” Bubbles came on the screen singing, dancing, and whirling around the bathroom without a care in the world.   When the trigger was pulled, the Scrubby Bubbles shot out, and off they went! My mission was clear.             The next few days went by and I had forgotten all about the Scrubby Bubbles, until Helen needed to make a trip to Hills. Yes, it was still Hills, not Ames or Magic Mart.   It was an ordinary Hills trip.   The greeter gave me a sticker, I got my popcorn, and of course, a blue Icee.   I was trailing