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Look out, 2016!!

Well, I seem to be wrapping up a great year with a terrible week. Our office flooded on Christmas Day, so we have been lucky enough to spend the past few days covered in mud (and who knows what else) while packing boxes and moving things around so that Servepro could start the process of cleaning it all up.  It looks like we will be working from home for the next few weeks, which isn't ideal, but better than nothing. I just read through my blog from this time last year, and well...that didn't go as planned! Not necessarily a bad thing! I was feeling a little unsure of where my life was headed while writing that blog. I had hoped writing it would help me find a direction, but my goals weren't very specific, nor were they very important to me, so I just couldn't find my groove. Isn't it funny how you think you know what's happening, but God has other plans?   On New Years Day a girl (that I follow because she has a fun life, but I don't really know)

Why These 5 Positive Changes = Positive Outcomes

I am definitely not under some delusion that I have things "figured out" at the ripe ol' age of 26, but I have made some positive changes in my life that have resulted in positive outcomes. It's not always easy, and it takes some time to adjust, since I am only human, but I just want to share what I'm learning! 1. Setting Goals This has really been the most life altering thing I've done recently.  Set realistic goals, then take it a step further by telling people your goals.  Basically you need to put yourself on blast!  I appreciate my friends and family asking me "where I am" in reaching my goals.  It keeps me in check!  During my evaluation at work my boss asked me what my short-term goal was.  I said "My goal is to be the Loan Specialist for our program by the end of 2015."  In October that happened.  When I joined Younique I had no intention of selling products.  I just wanted to get $125 to stay active and help my friend advance.