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Sex and the City 2

Last night was the midnight showing of SATC 2, (aka the most fabulous day of the year). This morning i was just looking through some news sites and I stumbled upon this article. FEEDNAME = Well Mr. Smith, I have about 15 million problems with this review. Can I please just say, UGH MEN! I don't know how much longer they can last on earth since their IQs just continue to plummet. They just don't get it. AT ALL. It's not that Mr. Big wants to watch TV, it's that he knew there was an event, saw his wife all dressed up, and THEN sat on the couch and watched TV. Heaven forbid a man sacrifice a night of TV to please his wife. Carrie is high maintenance, but Big knew that from the start, and he loves that about her. And while we're at it, Carries gingham top outfit was cute. Charlotte, bless her heart, is going absolutely crazy with her kids, and although I do