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Oswald "Ozzie" Lewis' 1st Thanksgiving

I FINALLY GOT MY PUPPY! Say hello to my little Ozzie! :) From what we've gathered from numerous people and online research, Oz is a double dapple dachshund.  He has one blue eye and one brown eye, and he is the sweetest puppy ever, but bless his heart, he has had a rough life so far! Since Helen has been retired, she has become very chummy with our neighbors, and had mentioned to our across-the-street-neighbors, Danny and Paulette, that I have been looking for a puppy.  Danny, a former vet tech, suggested a few places and breeds, and that was that.  That weekend, my neighbors went to visit family in southern WV.  They were winding down the roads when they noticed something in the ditch.  They quickly turned around and found Ozzie, scared, cold, and skin and bones.  He ran into a drain pipe, where he had apparently been living for the past few days, and Danny had to coax him out.  They brought him home and cleaned him up, and called Helen! I had originally been planning to go see

Pokey's Bubblegum

     I WANT A PUPPY! I have been puppy/dog shopping for months now, and I still haven't found THE one.  Everytime I find one that I like it has either already been adopted or they just refuse to answer me.  The rejection is starting to hurt a little!  I have two dogs in my home already, but they aren't MY dogs.  I would like for Yogie to be my dog, but he and Helen have formed this bond and there is no breaking it.  I plan to move out after I graduate in a couple months, so it will just be me and my new dog!      The problem with dog shopping is that no dog compares to our old Spitz mix, Pokey.  We had to put Pokey to sleep when I was in middle school because he was suffering from brain cancer. Pokey was older than I was, 14 to be exact! He would let me dress him up in tshirts and dresses and use him as a fluffy pillow in the floor when we were watching tv, so needless to say, he was a very relaxed dog.      Like I said, Pokey was a Spitz, so he had lots of fluffy white fur,