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What do we do now?

To day marks 1 year since Matt's cancer diagnosis.  As with most life-changing moments, it feels like yesterday while it also feels like eons ago.  You know what I mean, although it is so hard to explain.  God willing, this will be my last cancer related post.  This blog used to be fun and funny, and it is going to return to being just that! It's been a little over 4 months since Matt's last round of chemo, and we keep hearing "oh, you guys must be so happy!" And we are happy, but we keep waiting for that huge sigh of relief to come, and it just hasn't yet.  While we are extremely thankful for a good report - we now have a whole lifetime of hoping for good reports.  I think mentally healing from cancer is a lot like a breakup - you know how they say it takes twice the time the relationship lasted to get over someone - I think it's like that....maybe?  We experienced something tragic - and terrifying - and unbelievably difficult in SO many ways.  I put on