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My Running Peeves

I've been running on a regular basis since the spring.   I keep myself motivated to run by signing up to compete in various 5k races in the area.   I'm not an expert, and I am by no means fast or great at running, but I have only 1 rule for races - I don't care if I come in first place or last place, NO WALKING.   In each race I run, I encounter a new Running Peeve.   I've learned that no matter the race, location, or cause, there are always going to be "those people." 1. Those people who hop around at the starting line and stretch their necks side to side as if they are about to exert some major energy.   The gun sounds and they take off in a...brisk walk. 2. Those people who take off as fast as they can go after the gun sounds...that you pass at .25 miles as they are staggering around, gasping for air with their hands on top of their heads. 3.   Those people who wear silly sunglasses or hats, tutus, and tall socks.   I just think they are only appropr

Helen's Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Hahaha you really thought I was giving away that little golden nugget of info!?  I know that all of you who clicked on the link won't admit that I got you, but you know I did! I know, I need to get a life....Anywho, now that you're here, you might as well keep reading! ;) I like to walk around the room while I am teaching Zumba.  Sometimes I just like to show everyone that they know the dance and can do it without me.  Sometimes it's because I've done the song so many times that I just can't bring myself to do it anymore.  Sometimes it's because I'm hot and need to walk by the fan in the back.  And then sometimes - I just like to mess with people.  Thursday night I walked to the back of the room where Helen stands (even though she's been coming to Zumba for almost 4 years and could do it blindfolded) to mess with her.  I stood beside her and watched in the mirror as we moved EXACTLY the same way.  Each step, each shake, and each shimmy was identical. 

The Roaring Twenties!

My 20s have been fabulous thus far, but my 25th birthday is fast approaching, and I am realizing there are some things I want to accomplish before I turn a quarter of a century old! Not that I think age matters because you can do whatever you want to do at any age, but I think it's healthy to have goals!  I also want to challenge myself to step outside of the box and do some things I never thought I would do! I am blogging it because you all have to hold me accountable!  Help me, encourage me, and above all, don't let me chicken out!  So, without further ado, my "25 before 25" list! I promise I can count, I have just omitted some that are more personal. ;) 1. Run a 5k - I've done several and even placed in one! 2. Run a 10k 3. Run a half marathon - October 4th I will be running in the 17th Annual Beckley Half Marathon! 4. Compete in a pageant - This is something that I've always wanted to do, but never had the guts to do it! 6. Clean out and dec


There has been a "Bible verse challenge" going around on Facebook.  I don't know how people went from pouring buckets of water on each other’s heads to Bible verses, but okay.  I don't pretend to understand what happens on Facebook these days!  I've been tagged in a few of these challenges and I choose not to participate for no other reason than I just don't want to.  However, I do love Kim Moore.  SO, Kim, this is my reply to your challenge. :) It's really hard to choose just one verse in the Bible.  There are 31,102 of them after all!  (I googled it!)  Kathy and I were discussing this, and we agreed that your favorite verse changes as you change.  Different passages might speak to you in different ways depending on what is going on in your life.  That is one small part of why God's word is so magnificent. My everyday "go-to" verse is Matthew 22:37 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your