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Zumba Convention 2012

The Zumba Convention can really be summed up in one word:  whoa.  I heard several times that there were almost 10,000 people in attendance. Try to wrap your mind around a place filled with 10,000 Zumba instructors. It looked like a box of skittles! Now, you may think that I am obsessed and talk about it way too much, but I PROMISE you, I don't hold a candle to these people.  It was like being in an alternate universe.  If a song came on that they did in their Zumba class, they immediately dropped their 15 bags of Zumbawear and did it, no matter where they were. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Zumba as much as the next person, but I just grew out of that behavior after my last year of cheerleading camp!  Luckily, I had Megan there.  She is normal, thank God.  Anywho, Megan and I ended up skipping the concert and party to go out to eat with Justin (her husband) and Tara (my sister) and ended up having more fun anyways.  We ate REALLY GOOD! We deserved Margaritaville, Bahama Breeze, S