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Young Trendsetter

I had no idea that my fashion choices as a 6 year old would spark a movement taking over the country.  That's right, folks.  I started the big, fake, thick, black, horn-rimmed glasses trend!  Jealous?  I thought so. You see, when I was in the first grade, I wanted glasses so badly.  I just thought they made you look smart, cool, sophisticated.  I needed them.  When Helen would go to pick out her frames, I spent the entire time gazing at myself in the mirrors to find the perfect frame for my face. It was that time of year.  No, not Christmas, time to get our annual physicals.  It was always the same at Doctor Phillips office.  She had dealt with me long enough to know what she was up against when it came to injuries, illnesses, and accidents.  The appointment always began with the eye chart in the hallway.  She handed me a black paddle to cover my left eye with, and asked me to read the chart.  "E, d, c, k, v, t..."  I read the chart with ease, and then it hit me.  If I

The Magic Pills

As many of you know, my dad has coached several different sports at George Washington Middle School over the years.  Not because he necessarily wanted to, but usually because nobody was willing to take the position.  While Tara was in middle school, he proudly coached the Lady Blue Devils basketball team, and they went on to win the conference championship.  This was not due to their amazing skills, my dad's excellent coaching, or their hard work, dedication, and practice.  This was because of the Magic Pills. I was in the first grade during this time, which was a particularly good year for me when it came to my story telling.  One of my mom's co-workers had an old GWMS cheerleading uniform that she had given to me, so naturally, I convinced my classmates that I was a GW Middle cheerleader.  I would pack the uniform in a duffle bag and take it to school with me, then walk over to the middle school and change before games. I was always at the basketball practices and games, and