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That One Time Mamaw Forgot Thanksgiving

WHY YES, that IS my face on a sexy pilgrim riding a giant turkey! Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!  I have to admit, I've never really LOVED Thanksgiving.  I mean like Thanksgiving, what's not to like? A day off from work, hanging out with my family, and eating tons of delicious food sounds like a good time to me.  It also means that Christmas is just a month away! WOOOO! BUT it's just not my favorite holiday. The past few Thanksgivings have felt like running a marathon for Matthew and me!  We have big families with tons of places to be.  We bounce around from dinner to dinner, picking at our food and feeling super rude when we have to say "Oh, no, we just ate" or "We can't, we have another dinner." Matthew absolutely hates it, and each year I have to remind him that he had better get used to it! One thing I am thankful for this Thanksgiving is the lack of "I'm thankful for..." status updates.  I am so pleased to report that I have

10 Worst Shoe Trends (of my time)

To quote Forrest Gump, " Momma always says there's an awful lot you could tell about a person by their shoes..." How incredibly accurate!  I love shoes.  I love weird shoes.  I've rocked some interesting footwear in my day, and I absolutely encourage others to do the same!  BUT I wear them because I like them, not because they are what everyone else is wearing. I think there is a huge difference in wearing a shoe because it speaks to you VS. wearing the shoe because it is a trend you feel like you should follow.    Now, I know some of you reading this post may own a pair or two of shoes on my list, so I say this with love - it's time to retire them.  AND DON'T YOU GIVE ME THE "IT'S COMFORTABLE" LINE.  I will tell you right now,  I don't care. I don't want to hear it! I am on my feet A LOT, so I know that there are cute, affordable shoes that are very comfortable! Again, I say that with love.  I'm always looking out for what's

I dressed up as Ursula and ran 13.1 miles. Not at the same time.

WHAT AN INSANE WEEKEND!! It was full of ups and downs!  This Friday was Halloween, my second favorite holiday! Christmas will always be número uno in my book! I love Halloween mostly because of the candy, Hocus Pocus, and, of course, costumes.  My sister and I are lucky enough to have parents who are not only creative, but very crafty! We never had to buy Halloween costumes because Helen and dad made them all! That is until we went through our "college girl slutty phase" and had to buy costumes because Helen refused to make them! Now I appreciate the girls who go for funny, clever, creative costumes instead of the "Mean Girls" version of Halloween. Friday night was Beth's Halloween party! I think we've decided to make this an annual event. The theme this year was Disney Villains, and I think we covered most of the bases! I was SO impressed with the creativity of the costumes!  I was Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Luckily, I already had a black, poofy dr