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Ridiculous Items that I nee...I mean, Ozzie needs :)

Have you ever been standing in line at Wal-Mart wondering why they have so many random items placed by the register? Well, believe it or not, those items are not there just in case you should forget to pick up batteries, a DVD, or hand sanitizer. They are placed there for people like me. People who get bored if they have to stand in one place for more than 60 seconds. Each time I stand in line I am forced to look at all of those silly items until I convince myself that I need the Pajama Jeans! Yeah, Definitley needed the Pajama Jeaans... I have to switch gears on you, but we will come back to the buying silly things I don't need. I will admit that taking care of Ozzie has been no cakewalk. It is definitely a good idea to have a dog before children (FYI). I have a touch of OCD and maybe a little hypochondria. Okay, I probably don't have either, but I diagnosed myself! Thanks WebMD! ;). Anywho, the bottom line is that I tend to freak out over ev-ery-thaanng he does. If he has a

Biggest Loser = Understatement of the Year

I LOVE the Biggest Loser. I've been a fan for years, but for the past few seasons I've been a fanatic! I sob while watching the show. It's embarrassing how much I cry. Some stories are just incredible! It's amazing how these people are able to overcome challenges and achieve some wonderful things in such a short amount of time. In most competition shows it's easy to pick the person that you're cheering for and root against everyone else, but the BL isn't like that. You find yourself cheering for everyone, and every week I am heart broken that someone has to leave the ranch! I usually pull for the person that is most like me. The young, 20-something, former athlete that kicks butt in all the challenges! Last season I was so desperate for Danni to win that I couldn't even sit down to watch the finale. She did win! Thank goodness. I might have had a meltdown if she didn't. She was athletic, muscular, and healthy!  This year my girl was Rachel, but t