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A Lesson in Listening

As some of you know, if you saw my Facebook posts a few weeks ago, my sister and her husband have been in the process of selling their house.  They only had about 90 days to do so because they had already found a new house to buy! Yay! However; this was incredibly stressful for them.  We'd been asking everyone we know to pray that they find the right buyer, including Mamaw.  I like to call her "the Prophet Mamaw" in times like these, because whatever she says God tells her is absolutely correct 99% of the time. Helen had been telling her to pray for weeks about the house situation, then one day, out of the blue, she said "Helen, tell them not to worry about that ol' house.  God told me they were going to sell it."  We all thought, well that's great to know, but we need it to be sold in 90 days!  The clock was ticking!  Another week went by with no progress, and the pressure was really starting to build.  A couple of weeks later Helen was taking Mamaw so


I know I use Facebook and Twitter quite often, but my favorite form of social media has to be Instagram.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Insta, it's basically just pictures.  I like to pretend like I'm some sort of professional photographer with the filters and whatnot, but I think it's fun!  I also like it because it seems like there are fewer things to be annoyed with...sometimes.  Besides following my actual friends and family, I follow celebrities, make-up artists, magazines, TV shows, and a good number of fitness accounts.  I love seeing what they eat, what they wear to the gym, what their workouts are like, etc.  Most of them are very informative, motivational and inspirational. So, on Monday I was just getting back to the office from being in San Antonio for training all week, and was feeling overwhelmed with all of the things I had to do.  I had to take a moment and shut down my brain.  I do this from time to time in order to function.  I was making