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Don’t Be A (Little) Debbie Downer

My best friend, Brittany, and I have been talking about doing a blog takeover for almost a year, and if you were at my wedding to hear her MOH speech, you know she is an extremely talented writer and speaker - although she would never admit it.  I asked IG for post suggestions this week, and got a text that her blog takeover post was ready! I am absolutely, positively elated to share this with you all.  I AM SO PROUD of her for so many reasons - for writing this beautiful post - for being so vulnerable and honest - and for being an amazing mom, woman, and friend.  SO, without further ado, we present "Don't Be A (Little) Debbie Downer... Almost a year ago when I decided to start making my mental and physical health more of a priority. I fantasized about writing a blog when I finally made it “to the other side” because I wanted to share my journey.   I think Kellie has done a beautiful job of getting her stories and experiences out there while being very open and honest

FOMO No'mo!

Picture it - it's Friday night, and you've had a long week! Your friends ask you to go out, but you're just so tired!  You've been looking forward to eating takeout and watching Netflix on the couch all week.  Just as you settle in, you check out what's happening on IG to see all of their posts and stories showing their fabulous night in which they played darts with the Hemsworth brothers, and BAM! It happens - FOMO. Several months ago I attended Katie Smith's "Highest, Healthiest Retreat," and we were asked to identify the barriers keeping us from reaching that highest, healthiest self.  I have plenty of barriers, but I had to admit that my biggest issue was FOMO.   For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, it stands for Fear Of Missing Out.   FOMO is several barriers in one.  I waste a lot of time, money, and energy doing things I don't REALLY want to do.  FOMO is going to Dairy Queen with your friends even though you've

8 Workouts You Should Try

Exercise has always been part of my life.  My dad was a physical education teacher and coach, my mom was an amazing aerobics instructor, and my sister was a college athlete.  It's just something we do, bu t as I get older I find it harder to WANT to exercise like I used to.  I used to LOVE it, and couldn't go a day without it, but now I am working to find that love again. For some, a workout is the best part of the day.  It's their "me time" - a way to de-stress from a long day at the office, or a chance to make their spouse wrangle the kiddos so they can have 60 minutes of sanity.  It releases all the endorphins ("happy people just don't shoot their husbands," HAD TO DO IT...) and makes you feel good! On the other hand, there are people who dread the mere thought of a droplet of sweat beading up on their perfectly powdered forehead.  They think workouts are hard, tedious, monotonous, and overall NUF. (NUF is a word I got from my sister a

How To Deal with the Haters

Have you ever proudly announced to your family, coworkers, or friends that you are starting a new healthy lifestyle today!...only to have all of your confidence shot down in one fell swoop with their response of "What is it THIS time?" or "Let's take bets on how long this one will last!"  Raise your hand high if this has happened to you.  I know they're just joking, but it used to make my heart sink and snatch the wind right out of my sails.  That bright light inside of me that runs on faith and pixie dust would dim a little each time, but here is where we differ from Tinkerbell - we don't need others to believe in us.  (Don't make me say it, it's so cliché I won't be able to stand myself....oh alright.)  YOU have to believe in YOURSELF!  (There, I did it.  It hurts a little.) If you've been around for awhile, you've probably figured out that I like to hop around from thing to thing, and I don't stay focused on one top-SQUIRREL-