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Making Some Progress!

The entire month of August was a whirlwind.  Not only is this a super busy time of year at work, but my personal life is also much crazier than usual.  Between meetings, trainings, cheerleading practice, and doctor appointments (now for both Matt and me) I was ready to kiss August goodbye!  Unfortunately, it's looking like September will be more of the same! Yes, cheerleading season is in full swing.  Until last week, I hadn't been to a BHS football game since I cheered 11 years ago, but my excitement to get back to those Friday night lights was short-lived!  It absolutely poured the rain, and we were all completely soaked.  I now have a "game bag" prepared that includes an umbrella, poncho, and towel.  I have been really impressed with this team, and I think we have a great season ahead.  I get a lot of "I don't know how you have the time for that" comments, but truthfully, its a nice distraction from cancer life and something fun for me to do. You kn