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Thank you for being a friend...

In honor of Rue McClanahan's sad, sad, sad death today, I have decided to write about friendship. When we think of Rue, we think of Blanche, then Golden Girls, and then that little diddy pops into our heads. Thinking about the legacy of friendship that Estelle, Bea, and Rue (well and Betty, but NOT YET!) left behind makes me want to thank my friends too! It's amazing how many friends we go through in a lifetime. As we grow, we gain and lose friends, and although some you are sad to lose, there are those you are ecstatic to lose. I've learned a thing or two about friendship the hard way. I've been absolutely socially slaughtered by a "best friend" and I've also known the joy of a truly loyal best friend. My senior year of high school, after being slaughtered, I had a friend there to help me clean up the mess. I am eternally grateful to her because during that year I finally discovered what a real friendship was. It wasn't saying something nice