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What to do with the spare room...

When you are just one person in a two bedroom house, one of the most common questions you have to answer is "What are you going to do with that other room?"  My spare room has been like the black hole of my house.  I'll admit that I'm a little messy.  I like my kitchen and bathrooms clean, but I don't really care if there are clothes on the floor and stuff on my coffee table.  That's just how I roll.  So, if I don't know where to put something, I open the door to the spare room, and throw it in!  I still haven't figured out how that room could accumulate so much junk in just one year!  I have attempted to clean out the spare room no less than 10 times, yet I am defeated each time.  It's like a little elf follows me around the room making more messes...or it could be because I am easily distracted, and my gnat-like attention span just can't make it through such a tedious task! My initial plan when I moved in the house was to make it a second c

My Zumba Farewell

It's true.  Tonight is my last night teaching regular Zumba classes at Snap Fitness (not Zumba Kids-we still have ZK). I have been a member of Snap Fitness since the first week it opened almost 4 years ago! I was thrilled to hear that they were going to offer Zumba classes because I had been dying to try them, but just didn't want to drive from Midway to Teays Valley a few times a week to take them!  I was even more thrilled when I learned that Megan would be the instructor!  I think we were only half way through the warm-up when I decided that Zumba was the greatest thing since sliced bread! I was hooked! I was still in school at the time, so I even scheduled my classes around Zumba class times! After about 6 months, Megan mentioned that she was taking a new job that would require a lot of travel, and her usual substitute was moving away. She joked with me about getting licensed, and at first I thought she was crazy, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do

My Royal Weekend ;)

Matt <3 If you have some type of social media account (and obviously you do since you're reading this) you know that this weekend was Bridge Day! Every year people from all over the world travel to Fayetteville, WV to BASE jump off of the New River Gorge Bridge! I think most of us just prefer to watch! Watching is terrifying enough! I can't even imagine the feeling! They even have a human catapult that flings them into the air! It's just crazy to watch! Kudos to all those brave enough to take on such a dangerous, thrilling sport! Dancing with a sweet girl! Being Ms. Bridge Day 2014 was a blast! Matt, Helen, Dad, Tara, Adam, and I all headed down to Fayetteville on Friday to attend A Taste of Bridge Day at Smokey's on the Gorge! The food...oh the food. It was incredible! My dad was like a kid in a candy store. It was just like when you go to a carnival with a child, and you hand them 10 tickets and say to use them wisely! He was downright giddy! At one poin

25 Before 25

Well, I made it! I am a quarter of a century old, and I had such a wonderful birthday weekend with my friends and family! I had planned to start off my Friday morning with a nice, long, birthday run to counteract the incredible amount of calories I planned to consume throughout the day, but I woke up to thunderstorms! Which is okay because I love storms!  Instead, I started my calorie parade with a giant hotdog donut from the Merry Baker in Eleanor! YUM-O! I spent the afternoon shopping with Helen and, of course, we had lunch at Chick-fil-a. Helen and I only had one argument because she kept insisting that I needed a leather jacket even though I told her repeatedly that I already have one THAT SHE BOUGHT FOR ME.  That's a pretty good day for us! Later that evening my whole family met for dinner at Outback. You just can't go wrong there. I mean, c'mon. Two words - cheese fries. Saturday morning started with my sweet, smiley Zumba girls! They even made me a birthday car