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Why Zumba?

When I first started Zumba, I was just as skeptical and unsure about it as everyone else who has never tried. I had seen pictures and videos of women shaking around in brightly colored outfits that quite frankly made them look like care bears. I had befriended people on Facebook. Yes, I added total strangers to stalk them in order to form an opinion based on their Zumba Facebook posts. SO SUE ME. I had even looked up classes and instructors on to judge by their picture and "About Me" section who seemed the most friendly and likeable. Even after all that effort, I still couldn't take that step to go try it! A couple of months after I had joined Snap Fitness, I started noticing signs around the gym advertising a free trial week of Zumba Fitness classes. Free? Okay! Super convenient? Yes! Why not try it? I got Helen on board, and we were excited to try our very first Zumba class! When I walked into the class, I was warmly greeted by Megan Hannah, our lovely in

Now, My Take on the Grammy Awards 2014

Let's face it. Music people are weird. Yeah, I said it. They're called artists for a reason, I suppose. The Grammy Awards are seen as a chance to express their inner musical genius, but it is done at the expense of fashion. I just don't understand how these people can look so great in day-to-day life, appearances, and shows, yet they completely bomb on the red carpet. I like to start with my favorites and then work my way down to the bad! My best dressed was Chrissy Teigen (Supermodel/John Legend's better half, if you don't know her.) I thought she just looked stunning from head to toe! Although she played it safe, as she usually does, I have to say Miranda Lambert has dropped a few lbs and is looking incredible! As much as I hate to say it, Taylor Swift was gorgeous. I didn't know if it was possible for her to look any taller, but that dress did it! Believe it or not, I actually loved Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' get up! I'm a sucker for bow ties

Just My Opinion on the 2014 Golden Globes...

Not so much the actual show, but what people were wearing to the show!  I missed the People's Choice Awards, which was a real bummer because we all know how much I LOVE award shows. I have to say, I wasn't completely blown away by anyone this year, but my Best Dressed was definitely Melissa Rauch from Big Bang Theory.  I know in comparison it's a little dull and boring, and I think she will get overlooked, but I loved her in that yellow! Also, it fit her like a glove! I like how she didn't overdo it with the hair, make-up, or jewelry.  She just looks classic and beautiful. I would venture to say that Amy Poehler looked the best she has ever looked on any Red Carpet. I know there will be some nay-sayers, but I really loved Emma Watsons peek-a-boo pants ensemble! I thought it was so chic! Margo Robbie was classy, chic, and gorg! I didn't see Mila Kunis walk the red carpet on TV, but I saw this picture of her this morning, and I think she was