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Things Nobody Tells You When You're Having A Baby

I have a lot of mom friends. In fact, I would say most of the women I’m friends with at this point in life have babies, which is great because I have heard just about every “my baby pooped up their back” and “my epidural only worked on one leg” horror story out there. This made me feel a little bit more prepared going into the game, and I was...except they left out a few minor details. Women love to talk about baby stuff, that’s a fact, but I feel like y’all don’t mention or just gloss over the really bad stuff and downplay it. Not happening.  Not here.  Not on my blog.  Not today. Nope. If you're easily offended, go ahead and click the X in the upper right hand corner because I’m putting it all out there.  This may not be your experience, but it's also not your blog.  I think some poor sucker who thinks she knows what’s up needs this! Hair Growth Yes, you take prenatal vitamins, and yes, they make you have the long, supple locks like that of a mermaid or a Disney prince