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My 3-6 Month Must Haves

I know this is the most annoying thing moms say about their kids, but I just can’t believe my boy is 6 months old! And I really can’t believe I’m still home with him everyday with no end in sight! I’m definitely not complaining, but gone are the days of him taking long, luxurious naps and quietly watching the ceiling fan spin! No, no, this kid is AC-TIVE. He wants to be doing things all the time, so I find myself moving him from contraption to floor and floor to contraption over and over again to keep him entertained. We’ve sort of found a routine, but just when we think we’re knocking it out of the park, he throws a change up! I’ve had quite a few people tell me that they referenced my Newborn Must Haves post while putting together their baby registry, which thrilled me to death. Soooo, I thought I’d keep it going and share my favorite 3-6 month items as well! All of them are linked HERE  on! Happy shopping! #1 on the list and #1 in my heart is the Merlin’s Magic Sleeps

From The Dog's Point Of View

This time last summer my mama arrived home from a work trip to Wyoming, and while it felt like she was gone forever, it was really just one week! I showed her how much I missed her with my very best zoomies!  I listened as she told dad all about her “motion sickness” and “altitude sickness,” but I could tell something was different about her. I just couldn’t put my paw on it.  The next morning I watched her in the bathroom from the bed with my head rested on my paws. I knew she didn’t feel well, so I had hoped she would come back for more cuddles and pets . After she shut the door, I pawed at it to let her know I was concerned. Also, I was offended that it was shut. I wagged my tail when she emerged to make her feel better.  You know, they say hoomans need rewards and positive reinforcements.  I followed her as she made her way down the hall to the room that housed that dreaded Cricut. Ugh, I hate that thing. So scary.  I watched from a safe distance until she called me over.  I relu

Let's Hear It For The Mamas!

It’s unfortunate that COVID-19 is still around for Mother's Day weekend.  It's kind of putting a damper on the celebrations and gift buying! Let’s be honest, if there’s ever a year moms need to be celebrated, it’s 2020.  After being trapped in the house with their stir crazy children whilst working at a dining room table with their husband for...I'm not even sure how long, they deserve a super special day!  I mean, you know we are struggling because a lot of us have relented to joining Tiktok for entertainment, and there’s no shame in that. It’s called survival.  BUT, you've made it this far, so please allow me to congratulate you on a job well done. I've said before that I have really enjoyed my time home with my family!  I am so grateful for this extra time to snuggle with Logan.  Throughout the day, while I am working, I often look over my laptop to see Matt and Logan giggling and chatting it up and think "I could be at the office right now missing this,&q

My Newborn Must-Haves!

I am going to preface this post with a confession.  I have not sent out thank you cards.  But they are coming!  It's not that I am not extremely thankful, I am, I truly am! The thing is - I hate my handwriting.  Like, truly embarrassed by how bad it is.  Cindy Noffsinger always told me that it's because my hand can't keep up with my brain, which makes me feel good, so we will go with that.  This is why I absolutely loathe writing notes or even addressing an envelope, which is why you addressed your own envelope if you came to my baby shower.  True story - I sent Megan Hannah a picture of my first addressed wedding invitation and her reply was something like "Why don't you let me address them for you as a wedding gift?"  I know Meg well enough to know that was her polite way of saying “Holy cow, you will not ruin our beautiful invitations with that chicken scratch on the front!” (Jokes, jokes, she’d never say that to my face lol ) SO, to avoid all of that, I de

Things Nobody Tells You When You're Having A Baby

I have a lot of mom friends. In fact, I would say most of the women I’m friends with at this point in life have babies, which is great because I have heard just about every “my baby pooped up their back” and “my epidural only worked on one leg” horror story out there. This made me feel a little bit more prepared going into the game, and I was...except they left out a few minor details. Women love to talk about baby stuff, that’s a fact, but I feel like y’all don’t mention or just gloss over the really bad stuff and downplay it. Not happening.  Not here.  Not on my blog.  Not today. Nope. If you're easily offended, go ahead and click the X in the upper right hand corner because I’m putting it all out there.  This may not be your experience, but it's also not your blog.  I think some poor sucker who thinks she knows what’s up needs this! Hair Growth Yes, you take prenatal vitamins, and yes, they make you have the long, supple locks like that of a mermaid or a Disney prince