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My Autocorrect Always Replaces "Zumba" with "Samba."

The title has nothing to do with this blog. It's just starting to get on my nerves because now I find myself typing "Zumba" all the time. May I just say, YAY ZUMBA. I have discovered my new way of getting wedding skinny! Well, maybe not skinny, but smaller than I am now. At the end of the workout, we were stretching and my sweat dripped on the floor infront of me when i bent over. THAT is a good workout to me! (Megan Hannah, Snap Fitness, Winfield, WV, 7:00 T & Th, 10:00 Sat! <- thats my little advertising plug because I love this place so much, as if it's not obvious by looking at my facebook and twitter lol) Anywho, I was always a little skeptical about Zumba. I mean, it's been around for a few years and I just tried it for the first time yesterday! I always thought that I wouldn't like group classes, and I also thought that I wouldn't like jirating around like that without a drink (or ten, lol). Turns out that it isn't so bad, since the old

Playing Catch Up!

OH MY GOODNESS! It's been awhile. Too long. Where to begin? Adam proposed to Tara! I've taken on the role of Maid of Honor EXTRAORDINAIRE/Wedding Planner. So far they're getting married on October 8, 2011 at power park in Charleston, WV. The colors are black, white, and silver. We actually have already accomplished a lot of the main things. We have the ceremony and reception venue in one! Fun and convenient, yet thrifty! ;) The bridesmaid dresses are picked out and ready to order. Tara's wedding gown is currently hanging in her room. Hair and make-up by none other than Miss Morgan Ross. Things are coming together QUITE nicely, if I do say so myself! I thought this was going to be miserable, but the bride-to-be is actually liking my ideas! As far as the new year resolutions go, the wedding has definitely lit a fire under me ars! I joined Snap Fitness in Winfield, and I've been trying to go everyday, but sometimes there just aren't enough hours. Although it is