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Ozzie and the Petzi

Let's hop back to December for this post! Each year I request that Adam tell me what he is getting Tara for Christmas.  I like to piggyback on his gifts if I can, but I mostly want to know because I feel the need to "approve" them. Also, I'm just nosey. This year he told me that she would be receiving a Petzi! For those of you who aren't familiar, it's a camera that links to an app on your phone where you can check in with your pet, talk to them, and give them treats simply by hitting a button.  I was absolutely green with envy! My text back to him was simply - "Tell Matt I want it." So Christmas came and we both got our Petzi Treat Cams! I WAS SO PUMPED! I couldn't wait to get home and set that baby up!  I read the instructions, inserted the treats, sync'd it with my internet, then my iPhone, downloaded the app, made an account, and plugged it in only to spend 10 minutes watching myself on my iPhone through the Petzi! It was total

Can I be real with you? Like really real?

Can I be real with you?  Like, really real? I don't want this to come across as condescending, so I want to start by saying this post is not intended to insult, make fun, or make anyone feel stupid.  It's simply to enlighten, inform, and educate because you're my friends, and I care! :) I used to be THAT girl, too. The girl who wouldn't DARE buy from a Direct Sales person or host an online party. HEAVEN FORBID my friends think I'm doing something "annoying" or "mainstream." I was t he girl who thought that by NOT shopping in drugstores I was more serious about my makeup game.  I was the girl who thought that if it wasn't entirely too expensive because it had a certain name brand on the lid, whether it be from Mac, Sephora or Ulta, then it was crap.  Little did I know, I actually WAS buying the crap. Chemical filled, animal tested crap. Let me break this down for you. I searched for some "comparable"