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Part 2: 1 of 12

Long time no see, friends!  As you can imagine, things have been pretty crazy in our world.  We had a lovely trip to Emerald Isle, NC with Matt's family the week before last, and some ocean therapy was definitely needed.  There's something about letting the waves crash against your feet and just standing in awe of the majesty of God's creation.  It's good for the soul. We came back from vacation Sunday night and had to be up at 5:00a.m. for Matt's port surgery.  He started chemo on Wednesday morning, and we are already seeing the side effects of the chemo, except much worse this time around.  He was very sick for the first 3 days, moderately sick the next 2 days, and is still a little sick.  I've been feeding him nausea medicine around the clock with ginger ale and mint tea, diffusing oils, and scouring the interwebs for cancer blogs and message boards looking for tips, but it's not helping as much as we'd like.  I hate that he has to do this 11 more t