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It's Quiet......Too Quiet.

I can't help but feel that this is the calm before the storm. It's not even noon and I've already crossed everything off of my To-Do List for the day. I've been looking for things to do for about an hour. The office is eerily quiet with only 3 of us in the entire building. The phones aren't ringing, I'm not getting any e-mails. I'm not really complaining, but I know this afternoon is going to be painfully boring. Work isn't the only place that I'm feeling the calm. Our Zumba classes have been so dead the past couple of weeks. I know they will pick up fast after New Years because of all the weight loss resolutions, and I can't wait! We will be starting 2012 off with a bang! Super excited for the new Zumba stuff that is to come! I posted a blog last year, and haven't posted many since, about my New Year resolutions. In 2011 I lost over 40 pounds, and I'm looking to lose another 50-60 in 2012. I tried to keep it in control over Thanksgivin

Playing Catch-up

Holy Moly! It's been since APRIL! I have got to keep up with this thing more! Well, obviously a lot has happened in 7 months. My sister and Adam got married on October 8th, and it was absolutely perfect! Everything was beautiful! We really loved the Power Park employees, and they did an amazing job! I became a Zumba instructor in August! Megan now has a substitute, and can therefore have a life! lol I just love the whole environment and all of the friendships that I've made at Snap. The classes are growing, and more and more people are getting interested! It's so exciting! I've lost 40 pounds and it's mostly from Zumba, but I'm planning to lose a lot more! Stay tuned! Helen RETIRED December 2nd! This is bittersweet. My blog is now almost pointless because the Helen stories will be scarce. I loved working with my mom, but when I was little I would have killed to have a stay-at-home mom! If she starts cooking for me all the time I may never