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My Secret Sauce

I think you know by now that I am pretty candid about what’s going on in my life. Consequently, I am also candid about what’s going on in the lives of those around me.  So, here’s a quick update to bring everyone up to speed who maybe haven’t watched my stories and posts as diligently as I would like...  Matt has been experiencing a lot of pain, and recently had a surgery in an attempt to relieve that pain. The jury is still out on whether or not there is improvement because, much like when you do a simple home repair, you fix one thing, 3 more pop up. He also started a new chemo this week. It has definitely felt like a super steep uphill battle the past few months, but I will go more in depth with everything another day. Logan is almost 1. He is walking, talking, and destroying constantly. I am still working from home full time. Both a blessing and a curse for many reasons. I started a thing called 75 Hard, at which I initially rolled