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My First Year of Being a Homeowner!

One year ago today I closed on my house and started the wonderful adventure of being a homeowner. I love it. It's a cute little townhouse in a cute little neighborhood, and it's just the right size for the Ozmister and me!  When you move out, you get the same questions over and over. Even a year later, I still get these questions! I'll answer some of them for you... Q- "So, how do you like being on your own?" A- Are you kidding? It's FABULOUS. I have always loved my me time, and now I get to have it for hours, every single day!  I get to do what I want, wear what I want, watch what I want, eat what I want...who wouldn't love that? Q- "So, are you settling in your new house?" A- I should hope so, it's been a year! If I'm not used to it by now, I probably need therapy. Q- "Do you have everything you need?" A- No, would you like to buy me something? I won't say no to that! But, if you're asking if I want your o

10 things I think you should stop doing on social media.

I love social media as much as the next girl. I've had Instagram for years! Before Instagram I had Twitter. Before Twitter I had Facebook. Before Facebook I had MySpace. Before MySpace I had Xanga. You get the idea. I love looking at pictures and reading about what's happening in the lives of my friends and followers! (Well, most of you). Sometimes we "befriend" people that aren't really our "friends" because something about their life intrigues us. There is just something interesting about them, but you can't quite figure it out, so you keep them around in between your friend purging. Of course you befriend your actual friends, but I think we all have that friend that constantly posts incredibly annoying things. (I know I post a lot about Zumba, so sorry if I'm that person for you...Okay, I'm not that sorry. Sooo, I think a #sorrynotsorry is totes approp! (My friends will get that!)). I think a look at your social media accounts can tell a

The 2014 Oscars

Due to weather complications, my Oscar blog is a little late! I was at a Zumba event (an amazing event, next blog!) until 8:45 last night, and came out of the building to find freezing rain and a frozen car door! I made it up to Matt's house last night and have been having a snow day with his family today. Matt has 3 brothers, and as you can imagine they like to watch The Walking Dead, not the Oscars, so we DVR'd it! This morning Kathy and I sat down to watch the red carpet show before the main event. One by one the boys trickled in and gave their opinions of the show. They were NOT fans of all the short haircuts on the ladies! Don't tell them I told you. ;) First things first.  Ladies, let's just take a moment... Oh, and can't forget... Also, there were some really, really, REALLY beautiful couples! Okay, back to the blog. I think Ellen did a fabulous job hosting! I just adore her and her sense of humor! I can't go on without showing