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My Top 10 Favorite Forgotten Childhood Movies

All of the Beauty and the Beast hype has made me a little nostalgic! My husband and I have been reminiscing about old animated movies we loved to watch, and while most of our favorites are Disney, I realized that a lot of our forgotten "oldies but goodies" were non-Disney!  (Of course they didn't have Disney's budget to keep up with their advertising and merchandise, but that's a whole different topic!)  I started to wonder if anyone else remembers watching some of my favorites when they were just wee ones, too! #1.  I wanted to name my daughter Odette because of this movie. That feeling has since passed, but it's still a fantastic movie! We used to rewind and rewatch the Queen's "lip quiver" scene over and over! #2.  One of the saddest movies of all time. Second only to The Fox and the Hound.   #3.  One of the scariest/funniest villains ever, and some fantastic music! "Once upon a December" is just magical