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Because Sometimes It's About Convenience!

We are in that miserable part of winter.  You know what I'm talking about.  Christmas is over, we are falling off the New Year's resolution wagon in masses, and it's just freaking cold.  I, too, am forced to drudge through life whilst eagerly awaiting that beautiful spring sunshine and the last season of Game of Thrones, BUT I do have some treats that are going to help you get through this last bit of snow and ice! Instacart My lovely friend, Debbie Elkins, introduced me to this wonderful app called Instacart.  Like most of you, I love Clicklist and Walmart Grocery Pickup, but both of these still require you to put on pants and go out in public.  No, no, no.  That simply won't do in these frigid temperatures!  The beauty of Instacart is that someone else does the shopping, gets in their car, and drives your groceries to your door! (Come to think of it, you still need the pants, but I digress.)  In Scott Depot you can receive deliveries from ALDI, CVS, or Petco!  I&#

Free Floats for Furloughed Federals!

I did something.  Something very cool, but also very outside the comfort zone. I floated! Okay, I will back up for just a minute.  Some businesses are offering free or discounted services and products to furloughed federal employees.  Most of the things I've seen haven't suited my fancy, but this one really grabbed my attention because I am all aboard the self-care train!  Debbie Elkins tagged me in a post from Float Effects in Huntington, WV.  They are offering free floats for furloughed federal employees.  Say that 3 times fast!  Like you, I was like annnnndddd Googling that.  I had seen these before, but I had no idea that we had a location in WV, let alone so close to home.  I immediately called them and booked the next appointment! When I saw the "sensory deprivation tank" my mind immediately went to Lady GaGa in the egg.  Also those sci-fi movies where people grow inside pods and come out all goopy.  I am happy to report it was nothing like eit

The Shutdown Life

If you haven't heard, there's a 10 year picture challenge going around. Be sure to participate so that we can see if you got hotter or older or plastic surgery or whatever!  Oh, also, the United States government is partially shutdown, and if that's news to you just know that I am judging you.  I am part of the "non-essential" group, which feels kind of insulting, but actually just means I am not working through the shutdown.  We have been off work since before Christmas, December 22nd to be exact, so I have been "unemployed" for a month now, although it feels like so much longer!  Let me tell you "funemployment" is not so fun after all.  Since all of my friends are productive citizens with jobs and I am saving our money, I spend most days puttering around the house and snuggling with my sweet Ozzie boy.  BUT I will share a few things have accomplished with my time off. Netflix Accomplishments Finally Finished/Caught up on - The Fost