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Let's Do This, 2020!

This year hasn't exactly gone as planned, and I think you know why.  We are currently experiencing some very low lows and some very high highs at the exact same time, and sometimes it's hard to keep up with this roller coaster of emotions we seem to be trapped on. We started 2019 on top of the world.  Well, after my very extended Christmas vacation (better known as the furlough) ended.  I was excited to focus on growing my blogging into a real business.  I had taken all the steps to become the assistant cheer coach at my alma mater.  We had moved into our new house.  We took a celebratory trip to Disney World.  We [thought] we had beat cancer.  All in all, w e were fully prepared to start our fresh, shiny, new lives.  Then, at Matt's 6 month check-in, his scans showed that the cancer was not only still there, but had spread to other places.  It was devastating.  And terrifying.  Even more devastating and terrifying than the first time.  To say we felt defeated and hopele