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I am fortunate enough to work with one of my best friends.  It wasn't always that way, but as the years went on we found ourselves growing closer and closer.  Now it's hard for us to go home on the weekends and not see each other for 2 days!  Our other co-workers tease us about how our conversations wander.  We can go from "My succulents are dying! I thought they were indestructible!?" to "See if GrubHub will deliver Chick-fil-A here!" in less than 3 minutes.  We often talk about our goals and dreams, and we really do our best to motivate and encourage each other along the way, but there's one thing that sometimes creeps into our conversations that we wish we could stop. Comparison. "Comparison is the thief of joy." That has been the quote of the week...month...year. Honestly, have you ever paid attention to how often you think or say "I wish I had______ like ________?"  I know it's a sentence I found myself saying

The Most Magical Place on Earth

In many ways, Matt and I are very different, and I think that is probably what makes us work.  Our hobbies and interests are totally opposite, but there is one thing we both can't get enough of, and that's Disney.  This is not very surprising for me because most of you know I am merely trapped in an adult woman's body, but it may come as a surprise that Matt enjoys it so much simply because he is so reserved about things.  Nonetheless, throughout Matt's treatments we kept saying "when all of this is over, we are going back to Disney World."  Allegiant had their Black Friday sale the week after we got the "all clear" from Matt's doctors, so I decided that was a sign and went for it! Matt and I went to Disney World about 3 years ago, and tried to do all 4 parks in 2 days.  To say we were exhausted would be the understatement of the century.  We decided to tack on an extra day this time and planned on spending one day at Universal Studios.  Unfort