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That one time when Tara almost killed me...

That's right, my beloved sister almost sent me plummeting to my death!  But before I tell this story, I feel it's only fair to tell you that Tara and I have VERY different stories about the events that happened this day.  I, of course, am right. It was a cold, snowy day in Null Addition, and Tara and I were starting to feel the effects of the Christmas hangover.  Not that kind of hangover, we were children! What kind of parents do you think Helen and Jeff are!?  No, the Christmas hangover is that feeling of bleh.  The presents have been opened, the food has been eaten, Santa was vacationing somewhere tropical after his big night around the world, and we were left to help put away the decorations, which we thought was a cruel and unusual form of punishment. Helen suggested we go play in the snow.  Now, anyone that knows me knows that I LOATHE the outdoors.  I can tolerate the beach, but I hate the sand.  I just don't like nature.  It's too uncertain and too out of my

Farewell 2012

2012 has really been an incredible year for me in so many ways, but I can't say I wasn't warned.  About 3 years ago, Brittany and I decided to go see a psychic.  I don't ever really tell people about it because, religion-wise, its a big no-no, but we were just so curious! We were also very down on our luck!  The psychic told us both that we had three years of bad luck ahead, and told us not to bother with love because it would fail.  Awesome news, right!? Well, despite our best efforts, she ended up being right.  Three years of bad luck came and went, and like clockwork, things started to turn around for me.  Brittany, not so much! (haha ;) sorry!!) I met Matt around Christmas time last year and quickly fell head over heels, which is NOT NORMAL for me seeing as how I usually head for the hills!  I'm so incredibly happy everyday with him, and I really couldn't have asked for a better family!  Kathy is the best 2nd mom/friend/Zumbaer/shopping buddy/cooking instructor


I am a HUGE Ellen DeGeneres fan! Thank goodness for DVR, without which I would be a sad, miserable girl.  I DVR and watch Ellen's show everyday, and everyday I cry!  She is just so giving and humble, and I think she truly inspires other people to be the same.  Anywho, the DJ on her show, Tony, never knows the lyrics to any of the songs he plays, so she created a segment called "Tony Karaoke" to display his lack of lyric knowledge.  This gave me an idea.  HELENOKE.  Sadly, I don't have video evidence of her singing because she would never voluntarily participate in this! Throughout the years, my family and I have had to listen to Helen sing.  She sings in the house, in the car, in the store, pretty much everywhere.  I'll put her singing into perspective for you.  When Tara was a baby, Helen was singing her to sleep and Tara put her hand over Helen's mouth and said "Mommy no sing."  She sings in what Tara and I like to call, "the alto choir voice