Stop Ghosting Yourself

Let’s be honest. Do you know anyone who isn’t busy? Probably not. WE ARE ALL BUSY. Kids, spouses, pets, jobs, extracurriculars, birthday parties, vacations, sick/injured family, etc. We all have full plates, chores to do, and grocery orders to pick up! 

I don’t like to start a blog post with tough love, but I think it’s necessary today!  Truthfully, if this hurts your feelings, you probably need to hear it.
You are not too busy to take care of yourself. I’ll say it again. YOU are NOT too busy to take care of YOURSELF.

I know you. You get lunches packed and kids off to school. You work hard at your job. You go to the grocery store, the post office, work the concession stand at the ball game. You come home, help with homework, cook dinner, give baths, and do the bedtime routine. Oh then, you pick up the house. Everyone around you is taken care of and happy as can be…but where does that leave you? How do you feel? If I had to guess, I’d say you are happy that your family is happy, but something is missing. You’re probably physically, mentally, and emotionally drained everyday. And I know what you’re thinking now - “exactly, so tell me where there is time and energy left for myself.” 

There are going to be seasons of life more challenging than others. That’s just facts. One of the hardest seasons of life I’ve experienced so far was also the season that changed everything in terms of perspective for me.  The world shut down the week I was supposed to return to work from my maternity leave. I had to adjust to working from home with a newborn while my husband started a new chemo regimen. About 2 weeks in, I had the realization that postpartum depression was on my heels, and I was running from it with everything I had in me. But let’s face it - rolling out of bed, breastfeeding the baby, trying to schedule phone calls between naps, rarely showering, breastfeeding the baby, not being able to hang out with people or even escape to a coffee shop for 10 min of peace, breastfeeding the baby, and trying to take care of Matt after treatments - it was a recipe for disaster, and it about did me in. (Thank GOD for our families. We’d be in a world of hurt without their help.)

Anywho. there was no time for me, either…except I found time to scroll IG, FB, TT, etc. I found time to binge shows on Netflix and Disney+. I found time to go peruse the aisles of Target with mask on face and Starbucks in hand. Sometimes we don’t have time for things, but we do MAKE time for them - it’s just that we usually make time for others, not us. Don’t get me wrong, I still thoroughly enjoy and participate in all of those self love activities, but now I do them in addition to something that benefits my mind and body in a more direct way. Sure, I’ll scroll TikTok before bed, but throughout the day I had a meeting scheduled with ME because I’m the CEO of my life and I’m not ghosting myself. So whether that meeting is a workout, journaling and reading personal development, taking a 30 minute walk outside, or something else - we wouldn’t skip it if it was an appointment, would we? Nope. So let’s stop ghosting ourselves! 

You will absolutely never hear me say the phrase “if I can do it, you can do it” because that’s just not true. We are all equipped to handle life’s challenges differently, and my stress-o-meter may read higher or lower than yours. My Aunt recently shared a post with me that said “Just because she carries it well doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy,” and I thought that was the perfect explanation of my current situation.  I could very easily play the “I’m too busy, I have so much going on” card as an excuse to put my health on the back burner. Hell, I did that for yearssss. But who does that help? (Psst, the answer is no one, but certainly not me!)

If you don’t know where to start, ask for help. I’m not a personal trainer, so I hit play and let one of the best trainers in the world lead my workouts. I’m not a nutritionist, so I get my meal plan from one of the best in the nutrition biz. I’m not a counselor, so I read books and listen to podcasts from experts. The main thing I need when it comes to taking care of myself is structure. I especially need it when it comes to health and fitness because that fills my cup the most, but also spills over into all other aspects of my life. If I wake up, do my workout, and drink a shake - chances are, the rest of the day I’ll feel good because I already fired up my body and mind. 

What does that for you? What is the thing you can do for your mind, your body, your overall well-being that will bring out the best version of you? Whatever it is, I’m here to support you in finding that feeling.

xo - Kellie


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